Exterior Restoration Services 

With time all buildings and houses become old and it affects their appearance and strength.  So if you would like to give your home or building a new look, our team of professionals is here to help. We handle all types of exterior restoration. Need to replace sidings, stucco, tiles of your house or reporting of your building, Bestway Contractors can take care of everything for you. We can handle all types of restoration and will make your home or building completely new with stylish look according to your requirement.

Parapet Wall Repair

Parapet Wall repair is very important as it can cause water to come inside and damage other things. If you do face any Parapet wall damages just call us and we will grind the wall and re-insulated to make sure your home is protected.

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Brick Repointing

Bricks can become subject to decay that could lead to water sipping inside and that could cause great damage. At Bestway we specially take care of such job with utmost care without using any kind of machinery. We will do all brick repointing by hand to ensure perfection.


Masonry requires utmost care and experience as stones are hard to handle as compared to other materials like brick or wood. Our professional team is highly skilled in taking care of Masonry projects and will carefully handle your project as well with beautiful results.

Water Proofing

Water can be quite damaging to structures, and it can completely destroy a structure from inside if not taken care of properly. At Bestway, we have all the tools and experience for perfect water proofing. We make sure our client’s home or building is completely safe from damaging water using advanced methods for protection. We will use water proofing methods to seal stones, windows and masonry surfaces. With proper protection your homes will be protected from water damages for a long time.